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About Us

Fully Wired Electronics is a fledgling Eurorack manufacturer with the drive of evolving music technology to new heights,  whilst making it more accessible at its core.


Our Friends

Best known for their probabilistic sequencer the Stochastic Inspiration Generator (SIG), Stochastic Instruments are a fantastic Eurorack manufacturer with some amazing future modules. 


We are pleased to say that we have the honour of working closely with SI, providing our PCB assembly services to them, and looking forward to continuing to work with Stuart and Phin.

Buzztone Audio Effects, is a guitar pedal manufacturer with some outstanding ideas and future releases.   

Their first release, The Mind Flayer, is an incredibly versatile distortion pedal which pairs perfectly with guitars and synths alike.  

Buzztone is one to watch in the pedal space.

Kinesotronic is best known for their fantastic Max4Live devices, Refractor and Variation Stepper

"A revolutionary way to integrate outboard and instruments, with computer based production"

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