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The Fully Wired Electronics Mini-Logic is a 2 input, 8 output 6HP Boolean Logic module. The module outputs AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR and 2 NOT outputs, based on the state of the A and B inputs. 


All Fully Wired Electronics modules come with Aluminum front panels and Knurlies for mounting.


  • 3U
  • 6HP
  • 8 Boolean Outputs
  • Includes 2 Knurlies




SKU: ML2-V1-22
  • Format - 3U

    HP - 6HP 

    Depth - 32mm

    Active/Passive - Active

    +12v - 22mA

    -12v - 0mA

    +5v - 0mA

    Includes 2 Knurlies