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The Transistor Ladder Filter (TLF) 1U is an affordable 1U 24HP, 24dB per octave low pass resonant filter, and sounds identical to its 3U counterpart. The TLF is designed to embody the classic transistor ladder filter characteristics, whilst also having its own flavour. The Transistor Ladder Filter features an audio input, with an accompanying attenuator, a CV (Control Voltage) input and attenuator, and 1V/Oct (1 volt per octave) tracking via the 1V/Oct input. 

Thanks to trimmer pots that are accessible via the front panel, the TLF can be fully calibrated without the module being removed from your case. This was a core part of the design as we feel even the smallest of things, like calibration, should be as easy and accessible as possible. 


All Fully Wired Electronics modules come with Aluminum front panels and Knurlies for mounting. All FWE 1U modules come with both intercheangable Intellijel and Pulplogic 1U panels.


  • 1U

  • 24HP

  • Includes interchangeable Intellijel and Pulplogic 1U front panels

  • 24dB/Oct Resonant Low Pass  

  • Audio input with attenuator

  • CV input with attenuator

  • 1V/Oct Tracking 

  • Can be calibrated via the front panel

  • Includes 4 Knurlies

Transistor Ladder Filter (1U)

SKU: TLF-1U-V1-23
Coming Winter 2023/2024