The Fully Wired Electronics Dual Passive Attenuator is perfect for attenuating both CV and audio signals, thanks to the ability to switch between Linear (great for control voltages) and Logarithmic (fantastic for audio signals). The second input on the DPA is normalised, allowing for an identical copy of any signal routed through the first attenuator circuit.


  • 4HP

  • Passive 

  • Cascaded second input 

  • Switchable Linear and Logarithmic tapers for both attenuators (accessible from the front panel)

  • Includes Knurlies

Dual Passive Attenuator

SKU: DPA-V1-22
  • HP - 4HP 

    Depth - 32mm

    Active/Passive - Passive

    +12v - N/A

    -12v - N/A

    +5v - N/A

    Includes 2 Knurlies