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The Triple Latching Switch (TLS) is a 6HP active bi-directional switch featuring three independent switch circuits, which can be controlled via the three integrated buttons (one button per channel), or via each of the G/T inputs. Each of the buttons are automatically have latching and momentary functionality by default, and actively change how the module switches between I/O (between the respective A and B jacksockets). Each of the G/T inputs can also be used for latching or momentary switching, and utilises a custom version of the Fully Wired Electronics Gate-Trigger detection firmware. When a Trigger signal, or short button press is detected, the TLS latches between the A and B jacksockets. When a Gate signal or long button press is detected the momentary functionality of TLF is activated. If the momentary functionality is activated while jack A of the respective channel is selected, said channel will momentarily switch to jack B. The opposite is true if jack B is the current latched I/O.

The TLF can also be used as a preset voltage generator, as each switch circuit has voltages present on both the A and B jack sockets, when cables are not patched in each of the sockets. Each A socket features a slide switch allowing you to performatively choose if 0V or 5V is outputted on the C socket (while A is selected). Each B socket also features a trimmer pot, which is accessible via the front panel, allowing you to select preset voltages ranging from -10V to +10V which are outputted by each C socket (while B is selected).   

All Fully Wired Electronics modules come with Aluminum front panels and Knurlies for mounting. The Triple Latching Switch comes with alternative front panels, allowing for you to alter the configuration of the module (ie whether the jacksockets are present at the bottom or top of the module.


  • 3U

  • 6HP 

  • 3 independent bi-directional active switch circuits, each with user selectable preset voltages and 0V/5V preset voltages

  • Latching and Momentary switching functionality

  • User configurable

  • Includes 2 Knurlies


*Please note that the functionality, and the final appearance/name of the TLS is subject to change*


Triple Latching Switch

SKU: TLS-V1-23
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