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The Triple MIDI Converter (TMC) is a 4HP bi-directional passive MIDI cable converter, featuring three independent 5 pin DIN to TRS MIDI converter circuits. Each of the three circuits features a 180 degrees 5 pin MIDI DIN socket, and two 3.5mm TRS sockets (one for TRS-MIDI Type A, and one for TRS-MIDI Type B). Thanks to its bi-directional design the TMC can be used to convert MIDI DIN to TRS MIDI, and vice versa. The TMC can also be used to convert both TRS-MIDI Type A or TRS-MIDI Type B to the opposite type. The Triple MIDI Converter is a small and useful utility module to help you keep all of your MIDI devices synchronised and playing together nicely.

All Fully Wired Electronics modules come with Aluminum front panels and Knurlies for mounting.


  • 3U
  • 4HP
  • Passive
  • 3 bi-directional DIN to TRS Converter circuits 
  • Includes 2 Knurlies

Triple MIDI Converter

SKU: TMC-V1-23