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The Quad Passive Converter - TRS (QPC-TRS) is a handy 6HP passive utility module featuring four bi-direction TRS to dual TS converters. The QPC-TRS is fantastic for splitting stereo or any other signals routed in your system via TRS, into two mono TS cables (one for the Tip, and one for the Ring). As the QPC-TRS is bi-directional, it can also be used to combine two signals on TS cable into a single TRS.

All Fully Wired Electronics modules come with Aluminum front panels and Knurlies for mounting.


  • 3U
  • 6HP
  • Four Individual TRS to Dual TS Converters
  • Passive
  • Includes 2 Knurlies

Quad Passive Converter - TRS

  • Format - 3U

    HP - 6HP 

    Depth - 32mm

    Active/Passive - Passive

    +12v - N/A

    -12v - N/A

    +5v - N/A

    Includes 2 Knurlies