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The Fully Wired Electronics Quad Passive Converter - BNC (QPC-BNC) is an 8HP passive module which converts four 3.5mm TS (Tip, Sleeve) jacks into separate BNC connectors, allowing you to easily use external Oscilloscopes with your Eurorack system. The QPC-BNC features four independent 3.5mm TS to BNC converter circuits, each with a passive pass through jack socket, allowing for each signal to be used elsewhere in a patch whilst being displayed via your Oscilloscope.  


The QPC-BNC comes with two interchangeable front panels which allows for the BNC connectors to be present on either the left or right hand side of the module. All Fully Wired Electronics modules come with Aluminum front panels and Knurlies for mounting.


  • 3U

  • 8HP 

  • 4 independent passive TS to BNC converters, each with a passive pass through jack socket

  • Includes 2 Knurlies

Quad Passive Converter - BNC

Coming Winter 2023/2024
  • Format - 3U

    HP - 8HP 

    Depth - 32mm

    Active/Passive - Passive

    +12v - N/A

    -12v - N/A

    +5v - N/A

    Includes 2 Knurlies