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The Mini Quad Mute (MQM) is a 6HP vactrol based mute module. The MQM features 4 mono signal paths, with one vactrol per channel (4 vactrols in total). The MQM is perfect for muting all signal types found within a Eurorack System, with each of its audio inputs being cascaded. This means that up to 4 copies of a signal are possible. If no cable is patched into “In 1” a 10V (10 Volt) signal will be outputted.  


The MQM can be directly controlled via its 4 buttons (one for each channel). All four buttons allow for both latching and momentary functionality. If a button is short pressed its respective channel will latch between a muted or unmuted state. When a button is long pressed, the channel's momentary mode is activated, lasting until the button is released. This is fantastic for using the MQM during live performances. Through the use of a DIP switch on the rear of the module, you can choose how each state is displayed via the LED buttons, rather than it being prescribed to you. By default when a channel is unmuted its respective LED will be illuminated, and off when the channel is muted. Through changing the position of the DIP switch, an illuminated LED will indicate a channel being muted, and an LED that is off indicates a channel being unmuted. 


The MQM also features the ability to detect the difference between both Gate and Trigger signals, and change its functionality based on the signal that is sent to the module, via its 4 “G/T” inputs. If the MQM detects a Trigger signal on one of its “G/T” inputs, the respective channel will latch between either a muted or unmuted state. If a Gate is detected the respective channel will momentarily latch to an unmuted state until the Gate ends. This functionality mirrors that of the 4 integrated LED buttons, allowing you to mute signals the way you want to. This also allows you to sequence each channel.  


The MQM can either be orientated with the buttons at the top of the module or at the bottom, thanks to its modular design. Allowing users to choose how they use the MQM is a core feature of the MQM, as we believe that usability and accessibility are both extremely important for module design and users alike. Both I/O board and front panel combinations are included, allowing you use the MQM exactly how you want to straight out of the box.


 All Fully Wired Electronics modules come with Aluminum front panels and Knurlies for mounting.


  • 3U

  • 6HP 

  • 4 independent vactrol based mute circuits (features 1 vactrol per channel)

  • Cascaded audio inputs, capable of creating up to 4 identical signals

  • Can be controlled manually the 4 channel buttons or externally via Gate and Trigger signals 

  • Each button can be used in latching or momentary mode

  • Changes how channels are muted depending on if Gate or Trigger signals are detected (momentary or latching)

  • Allows you to change how the channel states are displayed via DIP switch on rear of module

  • Capable of outputting 10V when no signal is patched into “In 1”

  • Includes two I/O Board & Front Panel combinations, allowing for both button orientations without additional costs straight out of the box

  • Includes 2 Knurlies

Mini Quad Mute

SKU: MQM-V1-22
  • Format - 3U

    HP - 6HP 

    Depth - 32mm

    Active/Passive - Active

    +12v - 48mA

    -12v - 11mA

    +5v - N/A

    Includes 2 Knurlies